Kiehu Music

– Creating a retreat for music

Kiehu Music is a project of creating a unique place for the study of music. The Lappish nature surrounding our location at Kiehuvuopio, combining utmost calmness and primeval might, provides a fascinating environment for the most profound motives of the arts. The first spin-off was the Väyläfestival, which took place in June 2017 and since then annually.

Kiehuvuopio is situated on the bank of the Könkämäeno river in the most northern part of the Torne River Valley in the municipality of Enontekiö, Finland. Once in operation we aim to harbor music courses, concerts, and art exhibitions.
The frame of the first building, erected in July 2016
The beginning of building in July 2016


Location of Kiehuvuopio in Lapland
Where we are


The frozen river Könkämäeno
Winter time