Is it ok to embellish Beethoven’s music?

The second volume of my recording of the complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas is being released and I want to grab the chance to make known some interpretative principles I’ve set for myself. I won’t use this forum to talk about the core of the interpretation, what I’ve wanted to make the music sound like or what kind of imagery Beethoven’s musical text evokes in me–I won’t try to repeat in words what I’ve tried to do with sound. Instead and particularly since the music is transmitted to us through historic sources and because much of the interpretative aesthetics deals with old and modern performance practices, I want to shed light on some of the more practical choices I’ve made regarding repeats and added ornamentation. Continue reading

Boulez rulez!

2015 marks the 90th anniversary of Pierre Boulez. The French composer-conductor-essayist, a musician with a capital M, is up for a big year. Among many laurels to come is a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award which he receives on February 7th. Even more importantly, his music will be heard in many top arenas and Boulez enthusiasts […]